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16 April 2016 @ 02:42 am
Back to K-Drama?  
Years ago, when I was in college, K-Drama was really popular, and I watched it religously and tons of it. But then, for some reasons (repetetive, cliche, etc), I stopped watching K-Drama for few years and only watching J-Drama for good 4-5 years(?). The last K-drama that I watched was Fashion King back in 2012...it has disastrous ending..that makes me left the Kdrama world....lol
But that all change when I stumble upon a new K-Drama, Signal...and omg I never watched K-Drama that was anything like that before. It was so good and I really recommend it. It was aired at TvN which was a cable channel, thus there aren't lots of people watching it.

And another reason I'm watching Signal is because of Lee Je Hoon. I really like his acting since Bleak Night (side note: He's also in Fashion King, the drama that makes me left K-drama..XD ) See the connection there, hahah...and no I didnt left because of Lee Je Hoon, I came back because of him.